Why do you have fixed conditions of financing, all the projects are different, aren't they?

Undoubtadly all the projects are different. But our experts have been on the market for much more than one year, and figures "$150 000" and "40%" have not been plucked from the air. We have calculated approximate expenses and we are sure that these figures comply with the reality for projects at the idea stage. Besides, it is much easier for an incubator to work on standardized schemes, on standard conditions, with standard documents. At the same time we do not consider it a crime to make a step to the right or to the left from the general scheme: we operate with private capital, and it means that we have a possibility to express definite flexibility after final defining of the conditions. The most important thing for you is to submit an application, present an interesting project, all the rest can be solved.

I have an internet-shop/photo-service for people who like cats/social net for programmers, can you be interested in me?

To get into the Academy the project must have 5 most important characteristics:

  • Mass
  • Oriented at global markets
  • Online
  • Trendy
  • Cross-platform or mobile

Is it possible to send several projects?

We believe that the idea that the person is eager to implement should be the only one. Choose the one that you like most of all and in which realization you are ready to put a lot of efforts, and send it.

How many projects are you ready to take?

Up to 15 projects at the same time.

The sum that you propose is hardly enough to pay salaries to us, but we also have to buy computers, software, hataeras with fans...

Firstly, assess salaries reasonably. Even if you are a unique specialist with very valuable experience, the salary of $1 mln is unlikely to be approved. Secondly, if you want to work for salary, go to another place. We give you a chance to implement your dream, and we are ready to help, but we are not ready to pay you a salary, so that you sit at our table with our notebook and think about what to do. Thirdly, besides money we give a lot. If you do not understand this - you should not address us.

Are you ready to work with the projects at the stage of the prototype/alpha/independent work? On what conditions?

Yes, we are, but not within of the Academy. Send an application in a free form to vc@farminers.com, and if your project interests us, we will definitely find a mutually beneficial form of cooperation.

You take such a big part, what shall we do next - in the next round of financing we will have to give more, won't we?

We will prepare the projects for independent life, and in case of the necessity of further investments - recommend insistently to conclude agreements not with strategic investors, but with funds. Further everything will depend on them.

How and when will listing/vesting/biding/termshiting/intenshioning/ (put here any other foreign word, meaning legal binding of rights, obligations and intentions) take place?

We do not consider it right to announce in public the legal scheme of cooperation. All the legal issues will be discussed and solved individually when it "comes to business". However, we are ready to assure you that interrelations of the Academy and startups will be regulated completely in the frameworks of the Russian and foreign legislation, exclusively legally and transparently. All the interrelations with the incubator and the external world will be performed in a clear and transparent media, on conditions that are written down beforehand and known to all the parties.

Is full-time in your office obligatory?

Yes, it is.

And if I will not be able to do this, I have a family/studies in another city/servers that are difficult to transport?

Try to persuade us that a) complete moving is not possible really and b) that you are able to work part-time/distantly. Be very persuasive, because there are few chances. Take into account that the leader and the main members of the team must anyway always (or mostly) stay in the office.

Why do we need to move at all?

Our key advantage - besides money, that we are ready to give you - is our experts. They are ready to work with you very, very much, and only if they do not have to go to meetings with you through the whole city, constant contact will not be a problem either for them, or for you.

I sent an application two hours ago/yesterday/a week ago, but I still have not received the answer. Does it mean you will not invite me?

We undoubtedly answer to everyone who sent applications within 2 weeks.

If I did not receive a letter, does it mean refuse?

We will definitely answer to everyone, and you for sure will receive a letter from us - either with an invitation, or with the proposal to improve the project and send an application to any of the next roundtable discussions. Besides, it will be useful to check the settings of your spam- and junk-filters.

What shall I do if I was not invited to the roundtable discussion?

Continue working at the project, improve the project and the presentation, see once more the requirements to the projects on our swebite and send an application for participation in any of the following roundtable discussions.

I sent the presentation, and then understood that I needed to add something else, what shall I do?

If changes are significant - rewrite and send a new variant. If not - you will have an opportunity to tell about them at the round table.

For whom is the presentation, that I filled in, is meant?

For experts, who after its consideration will take a decision about inviting your team to the roundtable discussion.

Can I submit an application in a free form? Can I send a ready presentation, I have a very beautiful one?

The form of the presentation is on the page with the form of the application submission, its use is an obligatory requirement.

Your form does not suit me, as there is no place in it for the information that I want to mention obligatory.

The form was designed in a way that it has place for you to give all the information that you want to give. Use the slide "Tell us more" to add all the necessary things to the presentation.

I also want to send you Executive Summary/CVs of all the participants of the team/the list of the won contests, how can I send two files?

Try to add all the necessary information to the presentation. Use the slide "Tell us more" to add all the necessary things.

My presentation is not loaded though it is only one gigabyte, give me the e-mail address where I can send an application.

The limitation on the size of the file is 20 Mb. We do not accept applications at the e-mail. Everyone who wants to attract attention of the experts to his project must send an application via the form on the website. By the way, do not send video, exe-files and even pdf. Use ppt/pptx.

Can you explain once more, I have not understood completely. On what terms do you give money?

The Academy provides up to $150 000, a place in an office and constant access to experts. The share in the project that the Academy receives is 40%.

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