About the Academy

Farminers Startup Academy is a classical Silicon incubator, founded and financed by Igor Matsanyuk.

Igor Matsanyuk

Igor Matsanuk is one of the most successful businessmen in international internet business and he is also justly considered to be one of the forefathers of the Russian game market.

Having established the company IT-Territory, in 2004, which deals with the development of online-games, Igor Matsanuk built up and developed it into the strongest East-European game company Astrum Online. In 2009 Astrum Online, already being at that time the biggest developer and releaser of browser and clients' MMO-games, united with the Mail.Ru Group, as result of which Igor Matsanuk became the first vice-president and majority shareholder in the united company. Igor left the company in summer of 2010 and In December Mail.Ru Group successfully performed an IPO, and Igor Matsanuk sold the block of shares that belonged to him.

With active participation of:

Coming to the Academy the team receives:

1. Financing up to a value of $150 000 for a period of 3 or 6 months for creation of the prototype of the project;
2. Completely equipped work places in a modern prestigious office with MacBook laptops;
3. Expertise from specialists at world level, that have participated in the creation and development of many successful internet businesses.

What is it all for?

The aim for the participants of the incubator is to create during 6 months, a working prototype of their project, that will be interesting for potential Russian and foreign investors with a cost not less than $1 million. A lot of the most famous venture funds have expressed great interest in partnership with our incubator. We will help you to present your projects to potential investors.

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