Geolocation mobile platform where people can find what they have lost.
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Our service allows people to easily connect to find something that has been lost (pets/ things), find people with whom they missed the chance to meet or help nearby.

Among our main features, we offer a subscription to updates for a given geographic area; the user receives customizable notifications whenever anyone posts a claim, searches for something, or lost or found animals or items, or need some help within that area.

On BeatTheBushes, users’ posts can contain not only the description of the item, but also the location and a photo. Moreover, if user needs some help he can mark that he gives reward to people who help him. All posts can be shared on social networks and craiglist. BeatTheBushes is available through web-interface, as well as a mobile application for iPhone.

So what our users can:

  1. Add post that contain description, photo, and location.
  2. User can mark that he give reward for people who help him.
  3. Share their own and others’ posts through social networks.
  4. Search on the map of the area. They can see the “who,” “what,” and “where” of each others’ posts.
  5. Send personal messages. They can communicate with users directly on our service.
  6. Receive notifications. The user can create settings and we will notify them about new posts that would be of interest.
  7. Get rewards if user help someone

Our competitve advantages:

  1. Web site and mobile application
  2. Search on the map
  3. Notifications
  4. Personal messages
  5. Integration with social networks
  6. Design

Why will it work?

For example lost pets are actually a pretty big area. In Canada for instance, about 1M pets are lost each year, of which 25% are returned to their owners. The US is similar with about 10 million pets lost each year. According to the American Humane Association, as few as 17% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats find their way back to their original owners. On Craigslist about 50% of the postings for lost items were about pets (11% cameras, 7% phones, 7% jewelry). Also It is impossible to imagine a world where people never lose their things, or pets, where people will never want to help each other. The problem that we solve will always be a part of the daily human experience. Our service will facilitate and encourage a culture of social reciprocity and cohesion in society.

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