KULA is a cross-platform application that enables you to create and share your unique, totally customized social magazine with anyone you want to. In addition, our application is a platform. Anyone can create personalized magazine no matter if it is a business, a celebrity or just a guy two doors down from you. All these magazines are available on KULA News Stand.

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Reading the news is beneficial, but extremely time consuming. It’s the search for relevancy that wastes so much time every day as you hunt for good material.

Imagine what you could do with those hours if you skip flipping through multiple sites, skimming feeds and clicking on obscure links through social media just to find a handful of real stories.

Social networks and online news aggregates are a way of life for many of us, and it’s time that we were able to fine-tune the tremendous amount of information.

Finally we can scrub away the sludge of news that assaults you every day, leaving only the headlines and articles that matter.

You’re finally the boss of your own news.

Introducing KULA Project

How many social sites do you visit every day? How many do you skim through looking for interesting tidbits and articles? While we all love social networks and large new sites, they aren’t ideal for finding what matters to you.

Now KULA takes the sheer volume of news that comes through these social networks and news aggregates and simplifies it.

With KULA, you’re the editor-in-chief of your unique, totally-customized social magazine.

You’re finally the boss!

KULA is an innovative, multi-platform social magazine that you control. KULA takes the role of your media assistant. The program goes off into the world of news and social media to collect information from a wide variety of sources. The information gathered is then provided to you in a clean, crisp online magazine that you can transform based on your region, your areas of interest and countless other preferences.

This online magazine is as unique as you are, and with the ability to filter, organize, fine-tune setting and display content as you prefer, it will quickly become the most important news application you use all day long.

Finally, you don’t have to skim over the junk to get the golden stories. KULA finds them for you in less time than it takes to make another cup of coffee. Your news is ready and you gain back thirty minutes, or perhaps three hours or more, of your profitable time every day.

So What is Kula?

You may be wondering what the fuss is about. After all, we’ve had RSS feeds for years – why gather customized news in a new way?

The shortest answer is this: This isn’t just about news.

KULA is can gather, filter and fine-tune news, but it can also be used as a social platform.

As a multiplatform, KULA has just the right amount of semantic magic. You may be reading this while picturing a young professional skimming the stock reports in a new format on her tablet, and sure, KULA can be used for something like that. But that’s just scratching the surface of possibilities.

With KULA:

  • Mobile devices deliver only pre-selected, critical headlines and content quickly to readers.
  • Product catalogs are easy by producers to create that balance commerce and information for potential customers reading news.
  • Business accounts let companies use KULA to appear to their own target markets with interactive catalogs and descriptions.
  • White-label possibilities for rebranding and marketing potential are easy to develop.
  • Sponsored posts for sales and advertising are easy to integrate for highly targeted markets.

So picture this instead:

The young professional is reading about the stock market – and sees that one company’s stock is going up thanks to the introduction of the newest tablet. Quickly, she can dig deeper into the social platform, let her friends know about the newest version and then reserve her own tablet within just a few minutes of the initial press release.

The company that is handling sales of the tablet through that article – and mayhap handling the release of the KULA magazine featuring it – is bound to enjoy the functionality as much as that young professional will enjoy being one of the first to break the news to her friends and the rewards of her savvy reading.

As an experienced professional, you don’t have to just read what others send you. Create your own magazine of breaking news, product reviews, press releases and current events relevant to your career.

Then share your magazine with your friends and reap accolades.

Enjoy praise for your data gathering and research.

Enjoy being editor-in-chief of your own online publication.

Most of all - enjoy the customization and intuitiveness KULA brings you every day.

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