Projects is the easiest way to find the best dishes at any restaurant with confidence. Pulling from friends’ recommendations, user photos and overall dish ratings, makes sure you only order signature dishes worth tasting.
Planner 5D

Service for creating stunning floor plans and interior designs without any special skills. - Lego for mobile apps.

Prognolic is a tool for investment decisions.

Most convenient way to edit and share your screenshots, images and web clippings.

KULA is a cross-platform application that enables you to create and share your unique, totally customized social magazine with anyone you want to. In addition, our application is a platform. Anyone can create personalized magazine no matter if it is a business, a celebrity or just a guy two doors down from you. All these magazines are available on KULA News Stand.

Crowd Development of Your App Idea.

FreeBrie is online file backup/share/sync system based on p2p technology.

New mobile game experience.

IPQ2 sets it's goal to improve the first contact experience. IPQ2 is the zero-reject dating app. You don’t have to do anything to find a mutual contact, except pick people you like!

We have tweaked the service's mechanics to make sure everyone gets to meet someone; only people interested in each other meet.

KloudPics is a mobile photo aggregator. It serves like iCloud Photo Stream, but for your friends’ pictures.

Geolocation mobile platform where people can find what they have lost.

Mobile social wardrobe.