BeatTheBushes app is now available on AppStore


BeatTheBushes app, a product of one of Farminers Startup Academy residents, is now available on App Store. This app was being developed by the team of  four people for about 8 months. The goal of the focused and concentrated team is to become a leader on the market of lost and found services.

BeatTheBushes is a fundamentally new lost and found service. It's a great way for people to help each other. The service allows people to easily connect to find their lost pets & things or help nearby. Among main features it offers a subscription to updates for a given geographic area; a user receives customized notifications whenever anyone posts a claim, searches for something, losts or founds animals or items, or need some help within that area. With BeatTheBushes, users’ posts can contain not only a description of the item, but also its location and photo. Moreover, if user needs some help he can mark that he gives reward to people who will help him. All posts can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

BeatTheBushes is available through web-interface, as well as a mobile application for iPhone.