How it works

The work of the Academy of Farminers projects consists of two equally important parts

Selection of projects


The start-up, needing investments, should register at and submit an application. For this it is necessary to download and fill in a presentation-application and send it via a special form.


Then the application is considered by the experts of the Academy. If it is selected and interesting for the experts, the authors are invited to the roundtable discussion.

The round table

At the round table each team has one minute for presentations. For the following five minutes, all of the participants are able to ask questions. After the results of the round table are decided, projects are announced, and with which applicants the experts are ready to discuss the idea in more detail.

Individual meetings

On the same day personal interviews with the selected teams are conducted. On these meetings the project itself, and also financial, legal and organizational sides of cooperation are discussed in detail.

Development of projects

Work in the team

If the start-up team and the Academy of projects reach an agreement on all the questions, the project receives the status of resident. After completion of all the formalities the team moves to the office of the Academy and gets completely equipped working places.

Development of the prototype

During the next three months the teams have lectures, seminars, workshops, discussions and personal meetings with the supervisors of the project and other experts. And, evidently, at this time the prototype is being actively developed. It is assessed at the intermediate internal exam, that completes the three-month period of staying in the incubator.

Preparation of presentation

The projects that pass the exams successfully continue their work in the Academy. Now among their main priorities there are preparation of presentation and pitch of the project. For this special time is allocated, internal round tables and training speeches are organized.

Demo Day

In half a year staying in the Academy the team goes to Demo Day. Representatives of Russian and international business-incubators and investment funds, business-angels and other interested participants of the market are invited to participate. The aims of the Academy at this stage are to present the project to the invest-community and give the team advice on further development. After this the team goes to the following stage of financing and leaves Academy.